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Why Choose an Apprenticeship?

For many, an apprenticeship will be the first step into the working world, a change in career direction or a chance to further education in a chosen industry – what isn’t always clear is the additional benefits apprentices are entitled to throughout the course of an apprenticeship.

We’ve cleared it up for you!

Apprenticeships have several benefits, including:

  • Earn while you learn and holiday pay opportunities – you’ll be entitled to National minimum wage and at least 20 days paid holiday per year, plus bank holidays!
  • Hands-on training – tailored to your development, you’ll have the opportunity to learn as you go and get involved in the more practical elements of your position.
  • Practical learning style that’ll see you learn on the job – 20% of your working hours will be dedicated to studying, researching more about the industry, putting your learnings to practice and working out ways to expand your skills.
  • Dedicated mentorship from an industry specialist – you’ll receive the support of a team of professionals throughout your time as an apprentice. You’ll also have regular one-to-one catch up’s with your line manager and training providers.
  • Hundreds of opportunities across several exciting industries – there are over 800 apprenticeship courses available with multiple businesses in locations across the UK offering opportunities to people like you. Whatever it is you’re looking to start a career in, there is likely to be an apprenticeship opportunity that can help you get there.
  • Clear route of career development – apprenticeships clearly outline routes for career development and with the help of your mentor, you’ll be able to carve out your own path.
  • Available across multiple skill levels – apprenticeships are available across multiple skill levels from Level 2 (equivalent to GCSE) to Level 6 and 7 (equivalent to a masters degree). Find out more about Levels of Apprenticeships in our Apprenticeship Entry Requirements explained
Apprenticeship understanding - students in lecture

What you’ll earn

What you earn as an apprentice will depend on the industry, location, type of apprenticeship and your age.

If you are unsure of your earning potential as an apprentice, check out the Government website – https://www.gov.uk/national-minimum-wage-rates

Apprenticeship opportunities are funded through the government and your employer, eliminating the need for student loans or tuition fees.

Your only financial responsibility will be covering everyday expenses like meals and transportation – something you can get more information about from your apprenticeship employer.

Additionally, if you are aged 16 to 24 and have experience as a care leaver, you’ll be eligible for a £1,000 bursary to assist you during the initial year of your apprenticeship.

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