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Fast track your career in a progressive, team-focused culture

Ready to kick-start your career in recruitment?

Zenopa are proud winners of the Buckinghamshire Apprentice And Young Employee Of The Year Award 2022. We now have 26 apprentices and are seeking to further support more school leavers in September 2024.

Zenopa is a Recruitment agency in the Scientific and Healthcare sector, predominantly in the commercial space working roles in Sales, Marketing and Communications.

To date, Zenopa is 1st/2nd within a market of 60 competitors, dominating the UK industry. We are now looking to expand into the US and Europe, providing some exciting opportunities internationally, alongside fast-tracked career growth.

Opportunities coming soon...

Life as an apprentice at Zenopa

As an apprentice, you are fully supported throughout your journey at Zenopa.

Once you have signed the contract you will be given a designated buddy to help you transition out of school and into the working environment.

On your first day, you will meet both a line manager and mentor who will cover; Weekly catch-up meetings, monthly progress reviews, PDP and appraisals. This will allow you to align your career aspirations both inside and outside of work by breaking them down per month into more achievable, tangible steps to reach the end goal.

What you can expect...

The time will be divided up into 80% time working, and 20% of the time studying.

What does working for Zenopa as an apprentice look like?
Zenopa offers five different pathways for our apprentices – Resourcing, Recruiting, Account Management, Business Development and Leadership.

This will allow you to focus on where your strengths lie so you can develop into an expert in that chosen field, whilst being rewarded financially.

Each career option contains its own 4-step ‘ladder’ system to allow continuous career progression and you aren’t limited to one specific job role, creating the opportunity to progress in more than one area.

This design allows an environment where you can reach your full potential, with an expectation of apprentices earning £40,000+ on appointment post-graduation, in a senior role taking on more responsibility within the business e.g. mentoring.

What does studying as an apprentice look like at Zenopa?
This programme is designed for early career talent who may have recently finished Sixth Form or college to kickstart their life in the working world whilst earning a degree at the same time.

At each stage of the BA Management Practice programme, learners will participate in:

  • Full-day workshops, which include group work and peer feedback sessions
  • Weekly virtual seminars with a learning coach
  • Regular meetings with their Apprenticeship Tutor
  • Individual project supervision

Meet Max McGarvie, the Hiring Manager at Zenopa

headshot of Max McGarvie, Hiring Manager at Zenopa. Dress in a suit and tie smiling at the camera

Looking for an apprenticeship opportunity? Interested in finding out more about career opportunities at Zenopa? 

Get in touch with Max.